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Publication of the "Kodomo Kankyo Hakusho 2009"November 21, 2008

November 21, 2008

The Ministry of the Environment made up "Kodomo Kankyo Hakusho 2009" (Japanese only), which is a white paper on the environment summarizing the "Annual Report on the Environment and the Sound Material-Cycle Society in Japan 2008" in easy to understand words especially for elementary and junior high school children. In the paper, children from around the world gather and participate in a meeting on the environment. Readers enjoy learning environmental problems as the characters do. This Hakusho will be distributed to elementary, junior high and other schools throughout Japan by boards of education or other organizations, so that the paper can provide positive opportunities for children to think and act on the environmental preservation.

Those interested in purchasing should please contact below.

"Kodomo Kankyo Hakusho 2009"
¥160 with tax (postage and transfer fee excluded)
Note: "Kodomo Kankyo Hakusho 2009" cannot be sold to addresses outside of Japan.

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