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All Chicks Have Left the Nest of the Short-Tailed Albatross Transported from the Izu Islands, Toroshima to Mukojima in Ogasawara Archipelago

May 26, 2008

All chicks have left the nest of the Short-Tailed Albatross as of May 25th. The Albatross was transported from the Izu islands Toroshima to Mukojima, in Ogasawara archipelago, by helicopter on February 19th as part of the Short-tailed Albatross Conservation and Breeding Project.
The research team of Yamashina Ornithology Institute fed the transported chicks for about three months after transport. All chicks have developed well.
Actions, after leaving the nest, are not yet clearly understood; but, it is expected that the following Hina is introduced to the Bering Sea, aleutian and the Alaska coast in the North Pacific.
The actions, after leaving the nest, are expected to become clearer due to transmitters inserted into the five chicks.

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