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International Workshop on Sectoral Emission Reduction Potential Held

May 9, 2008

An International Workshop on Sectoral Emission Reduction Potential, hosted and organized by the Government of Japan, was held in Paris on May 8th. Approximately eighty expert policymakers, researchers and industrial sectors representatives attended the workshop. The attendees were from seventeen countries, three international organizations and the European Commission.

The workshop was conducted in order to share the latest information on analysis of mitigation potentials in each sector and to create a common understanding in the so-called sectoral approaches among researchers, industry sector representatives and policymakers. Vigorous discussions were held along the following subjects:
1. Role(s) of bottom-up sectoral GHG emissions reduction potentials studies.
2. Role(s) of cooperative sectoral activities for identifying and realizing emission reduction potential.
3. Issue(s) for future works.

The outcomes from the workshop were reported to the G8 Environmental Ministers Meeting held in Kobe, Japan, May 24th-26th, 2008.

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