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Transfer of Northern Part of Nasu Imperial Villa, and Conservation and Utilization of the Area

March 28, 2008

A part of the Nasu Imperial Villa, which is designated for its superior natural environment at Nikko National Park, will be transferred to the Ministry of the Environment from the Imperial Household Agency on March 31, 2008.
The MOE has been considering principles of conservation and utilization of the area, and has developed the 'Master Plan of Conservation and Utilization of 'Nasu no Mori (Forest of Nasu)' in Nikko National Park' on March 28 based on advice from a committee composed of experts and others in the field.
The Master Plan sets objectives of conservation and utilization of the area, and identifies the points that need careful attention, based on the following principles:

* Utilize the site for nature experience, nature education and a place for learning about the relationship between nature and people,
* Divide the site into different zones, conserve/utilize according to the respective status of natural environment,
* Conduct monitoring surveys on the natural environment, and feed back the results on management,
* Conduct active management of the secondary forests, and
* Develop the area as the national center for capacity building of the leaders of nature experience and education

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