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FY 2007 Results of Comprehensive Survey on Water Pollutant Discharge

March 27, 2008

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has released the FY2007 Results of the Comprehensive Survey on Water Pollutant Discharge today, which is a basic database for the establishment or revision of effluent standards.

1. Factories and business establishments subject to the survey:
This survey covers factories and business establishments having specified facilities as designated by the Water Pollution Control Law with average daily effluent quantity of more than 50m3 or those with the possibility of discharging harmful substances.
Specified facilities in the designated areas and deemed specified facilities as stipulated by the Law Concerning Special Measures for the Conservation of Lake Water Quality are also included.
The total number of the factories and business establishments subject to the survey was 38,209.

2. Survey method
The survey was conducted via questionnaire method. A questionnaire was individually distributed to the subjected factories and business establishments, and business proprietors returned it after filling out records of measurements for effluent discharge.

3. Surveyed items:
Items surveyed included the following four items:
1) Summary of factories or business establishments such as number of employees, business scale shipment values, operational status and industrial classification.
2) Data of water consumption and effluent.
3) Effluent concentration concerning the living environment items such as COD, BOD, pH.
4) Status of use/manufacture of harmful substances and effluent concentration.

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