Press Release

May 12, 2006
  • Air & Transportation

Countermeasures against Shinkansen Superexpress Railway Noise above 75dB (phon)

In regard to Shinkansen Superexpress Railway noise, concerned governmental agencies and enterprises have been promoting the "countermeasures against 75dB(phon)" since FY1985 for reduction of noise focusing on the "target sections", which means densely populated residential areas along the Shinkansen railroads where the noise level exceeds 75 phon.
Through the implementation of three phases of countermeasures against 75dB (phon), it has been confirmed that the noise level met the standard of 75dB(phon) at all measurement points within the target sections. Outside the target section, however, the noise level is still over 75 dB. The Ministry of the Environment will request concerned governmental agencies to accelerate "countermeasures against 75dB" continuously for the achievement of the environmental quality standards.

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