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October 26, 2006
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Results of Selection of the Verification Organizations and Target Verification Technologies Invited to Apply for the FY2006 Pilot Project of the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) in the Field of VOC Treatment Technology (for Medium and Small Sca

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) selected the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as the verification organization for the FY 2006 Pilot Project of the ETV in the field of VOC treatment technology (for medium and small scale establishments.)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government invites target verification technologies to apply in this field.

Submission period: October 26, 2006 - November 15, 2006
Toxic Chemicals Management Section
Environmental Improvement Division
Bureau of Environment
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
FAX: +81-03-5388-1376

Research Division
Tokyo Metropolitan Research Institute for Environmental Protection
FAX: +81-03-3699-1345

The Pilot Project of the ETV is a program launched by the MOE in FY2003 for the purpose of trial implementation of advanced environmental technologies and objective verification of their performances. For details, please refer to the following website of the ETV of Japan

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