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FY 2005 Editions of Chemicals in the Environment(Japanese Edition), Chemicals in the Environment (English Edition) and Citizen's Guide for Understanding "Chemicals in the Environment"

March 31, 2006

The Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan, has conducted successive investigations on the persistence of chemical substances in the general environment since 1974 and has published the results annually in the report Chemicals in the Environment. The results of the FY2004 environmental surveys have been compiled in the Chemicals in the Environment (FY2005, Japanese and English editions).

The Ministry of the Environment hopes that the information provided in the report will be helpful for environmental preservation both in Japan and abroad.The Ministry of the Environment also produces an easy-to-understand guidebook in Japanese, entitled Citizen's Guide for Understanding "Chemicals in the Environment," with the aim of encouraging the public to better use the report.

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