Press Release

December 27, 2006
  • Air & Transportation

New Policy Development from the Viewpoint of Sensory Environment

Japan has entered the second phase of urban development after World War II. In light of this, it is expected that we consider a new approach to urban development from the viewpoint of sensory environment, including such factors as heat, light, fragrance, and sound. A report has been compiled based on deliberations carried out in this direction.
The following is its summary: In the field of heat environment, case studies tackling the heat island effect in Tokyo and in Osaka are introduced. In the field of light environment, new ideas about the way to use light, and the techniques of light control, such as time control of light, are studied. In the field of fragrance, new ideas of urban design using natural fragrance as well as life-related fragrance and examples of specific actions taken are introduced. In the field of sound, new ideas of urban design taking into consideration the sources of noise and creation of comfortable sound as well as concrete policies are introduced.

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