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April 28, 2022
  • Environmental Policy

"Environmental Education and ESD Talks" video series -Additional distribution of videos-

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Japan, is pleased to announce the addition of 10 videos of people from diverse backgrounds and generations who are making outstanding efforts in the fields of Environmental Education and ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) to its video series "Environmental Education and ESD Talks," which will be released sequentially. The videos are full of hints and tips for those involved in Environmental Education and ESD.


With growing interest in the SDGs, Environmental Education and ESD are becoming increasingly important for developing the next generation of human resources who will play a key role in realizing a sustainable society.

Since FY2021, MOE Japan has been distributing the "Environmental Education and ESD Talks" video series to provide hints for those involved in Environmental Education and ESD to start their own educational practices tomorrow. In this video series, people who are practicing excellent Environmental Education and ESD in schools and local communities talk about their thoughts on their efforts and practices. This year, we heard from 10 people of diverse backgrounds and generations, from high school students of Generation Z to those who have been involved in experiential learning for over 30 years.

These videos were produced as part of a project on the Japanese side of the Tripartite Environmental Education Network, which aims to raise the awareness of the environmental community at the citizen level.

Video overview

・Title: "Environmental Education and ESD Talks"

・Language: Japanese, English subtitled.

・Video length: Approx. 10 minutes each.


About the content of the video releases

Release date



April 28, 2022

Training teachers who aim to implement ESD/SDGs

-Developing leaders for a sustainable society-

Prof. ICHINOSE Tomonori

(National University Corporation Miyagi University of Education Department of Education Professor, Japanese Society of Education for Sustainable Development Executive Director)

Energizing society through the circle of "Osusowake" (Sharing)!
-Linking the future of food and community through a chain of kindness-

Ms. SUYAMA Chimi

(Osusowake cafeteria "Mado" Owner)

May 6, 2022

Environmental Education to energize the community

-Recommendation of interpretation in everyday clothes-

Mr. MASUDA Naohiro

(Tsurumi Junior College Lecturer)

Creating a sustainable food circulation system
-Activities aiming for 100% recycling of food waste-

Ms. TAIRA Hikari

(Resource Recycling Lifestyle Laboratory)


May 12, 2022

Personal Growth and Building Community to Overcome Challenges

-Learning EE/ESD together with Friends-

Ms. KONDO Junko

(Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University PhD. Student)


Connecting Policy-Research-Practice on ESD

-From Local Knowledge and Learning Perspectives-

Dr. NOGUCHI Fumiko

(United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS), Innovation and Education (IVE) Research Fellow)


May 19, 2022

Having fun can change the world

-Creating a recycling-oriented community by generation Z-

Mr. SATO Yoichi

(Oita Prefectural Oita Maizuru High School)


Planting trees in people's hearts

-A gift to the next generation-

Mr. HATAKEYAMA Shigeatsu

(NPO Mori wa Umi no Koibito Chairman)


May 26, 2022

I want to produce a classroom that nurtures students who take actions
-Developing persons who can change the world through ESD from the perspective of PBL-

Mr. KAYANOMA Rintaro

(Nitobe Bunka Elementary School Project Designer)


ESD starts with interest in local communities

-Learning from the field and developing the power to act-


(College of Gastronomy Management, Ritsumeikan University Professor)

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