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The Vietnamese version is added on Teaching Guidebook "Designing for places of mutual learning ~Ten Facilitation Skills Learned from Environment Education~"

November 19, 2021

1. About this guidebook
 This guidebook is issued for environmental educators to design and provide support for "places of mutual learning" where children can learn from each other.
Based on the concepts and skills emphasized in environmental education, this guidebook offers guidance on how to deepen ideas and activate conversations among students, as well as on what tools and course structures may be helpful, thus achieving active learning experiences.

2. The Background
The guidebook has been issued in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Korean in 2020, followed by in Traditional Chinese in 2021, as an outcome of Five years (2015-19) Tripartite Environmental Education Network (referred to as TEEN* hereafter) joint project by TEEN Japanese Committee working group. Making this guidebook is one of our efforts to achieve "Raising the consciousness of the environmental community at the grass-roots level" which is held as a target by TEEN. The Vietnamese version is developed by IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies under its environmental education program in Hoi An City, Vietnam.

* About TEEN
Japan, China, and Korea agreed to establish and promote a tripartite cooperation project to achieve the target above at the Second Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting (TEMM) held in 2000. Following this agreement, Director General's Meeting in 2000 decided to start up TEEN to promote the environmental education network, which consists of environmental education experts from the three countries.

3. How to get a copy
Free copy of the guidebook can be downloaded from MOEJ's website linked below.

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