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Implementation of the "Local Blue Ocean Vision" project against marine litter in 5 local governments

May 25, 2021

(May 25th, Tokyo) Aiming to strengthen measures against ocean litter, the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ) selected 5 local governments to implement the pilot project "Local Blue Ocean Vision," which actively collects and reduces marine litter. MOEJ will gather results and experiences collected through the Local Blue Ocean Vision to expand effective policy measures and activities nation-wide.

Policy measures against marine litter, including its efficient collection and disposal, have been promoted based on the Act on Promoting the Treatment of Marine Debris Affecting the Conservation of Good Coastal Landscapes and Environments as well as Marine Environments to Protect Natural Beauty and Variety (Act No.82, 2009). However, in order to further promote the local implementation of various measures, it is important to utilize companies' advanced and innovative technologies. MOEJ will support the implementation of policy measures against marine litter in cooperation with local governments and the private sector.

Minister KOIZUMI declared:

MOEJ launched the Local Blue Ocean Vision against marine litter this year, and selected 5 local governments to promote upcycling efforts and the reduction of disposable plastics inland. MOEJ will globally promote these technologies and expertise, and effectively further develop countermeasures against marine litter.

Outline of the Local Blue Ocean Vision

Local governments, in cooperation with companies, formulate policy measures against marine litters, develop new business models with experts, and monitor their impacts with their expertise.

5 local governments promoting the Local Blue Ocean Vision:

Osaka Pref.

  • Development of physical exercises combined with picking up garbage

  • Promotion of cleaning activities by upcycling (refurbishing) collected litter

  • Promotion of PET bottles reduction efforts by offering free water refills for people bringing their own bottles at conveniently located places (such as stations and airports)

  • Mapping out project partners

    Hyogo Pref.

  • Raising awareness on the use of biodegradable plastics

    Yamaguchi Pref.

  • Production of upcycled (refurbished) shopping bags made from marine plastic litter

  • Promotion of upcycled (refurbished) materials

    Wakayama city

  • Establishment of policy measures against marine litters with a "nudging approach" for tourists

    Maniwa city (Okayama Pref.)

  • Policy measures against marine plastic litter to reduce disposable plastics inland

    Annex (Japanese language):

    Local governments promoting the Local Blue Ocean Vision


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