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Japan's National Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Fiscal Year 2011 (Final Figures)

April 12, 2013

Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) are required to prepare national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and submit them to the UNFCCC secretariat under Article 4 of the UNFCCC and Article 7 of the Kyoto Protocol to the UNFCCC. Moreover, Article 7 of the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures, which provides for domestic measures for the UNFCCC, requires the government of Japan to annually estimate and make public Japan's GHG emissions and removals.

The results of the estimations of GHG emissions and removals for FY 2011 in accordance with the above articles are shown in the attached document1.

Japan's total greenhouse gas emissions in FY 2011 (the final figures1) were 1,308 Mt CO2 eq. They increased by 3.7 % (46.4 Mt CO2 eq.) compared to those of the base year2 under the Kyoto Protocol (FY 1990 for CO2, CH4, N2O and calendar year (CY) 1995 for HFCs, PFCs, SF6).

Compared to those of FY 2010, the emissions in FY 2011 increased by 4.0% (50.3 Mt CO2 eq.) mainly due to an increase in CO2 emissions from power generation. The key driver for the rise in emissions in FY 2011 as compared to FY 2010 was the increased fossil fuel consumption in response to the expansion of thermal power generation, although the amount of production in manufacturing industries decreased due to the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, etc.

Meanwhile, removals by forest carbon sink measures and others under the Kyoto Protocol in FY 2011 were 52.1 Mt CO2 eq. (consisting of 51.0 Mt CO2 eq. by forest carbon sink measures and 1.1 Mt CO2 eq. by urban revegetation). The removals corresponded to 4.1% of the total emissions in the base year (of which 4.0% is from removals by forest carbon sink measures).

1 In this document, "final figures" means the figures officially submitted to the UNFCCC secretariat as Japan's GHG emissions and removals in a national GHG inventory. The final figures compiled at this time will be revised when annual values in statistical data are updated, and/or estimation methods are revised.
Note: On the basis of the results of investigation conducted to identify the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake on statistics to be used for emission estimates including missing data, the Committee for the Greenhouse Gas Emission Estimation Methods in FY 2012 confirmed that it was not necessary to perform any adjustments or corrections to the emission estimates to obtain these final figures. Meanwhile, investigation will be continued for some statistics on which the influence of the earthquake is uncertain at the current moment.

2 Concerning the relationships with the Kyoto Protocol target: The value "3.7% increase" does not take into account either the promotion of forest carbon sink measures or the Kyoto mechanisms. Therefore, this value, and Japan's Kyoto Protocol target "- 6%" can not be directly compared.

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