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January 23, 2012
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Result of the 4th KLH-MOEJ Expert Meeting and Joint Seminar on Environmental Management of Wastewater from Palm Oil Manufacturing Factory

The MOE of Japan (MOEJ) held the above-mentioned meeting and joint seminar with the Deputy VII, State Ministry of Environment (KLH) of the Republic of Indonesia on the 7th of December, 2011, in the suburb of Jakarta, Indonesia (venue: Environmental Management Center (EMC), KLH).

Both parties agreed that they focus on three aims in this project in the expert meeting.
- Improvement of environmental technologies and management for wastewater treatment in crude palm oil factory in North Sumatra Province as model factory, and dissemination of them to other factories as a good practice
- Enhancement of environmental management capacity in local authorities including their laboratories
- Enhancement of data analysis capacity necessary for policy making in KLH and contribution for enhancement of local authority's monitoring capacity
Future plan of this project and proposal for improvement of model factory were also reported and discussed in this meeting.

Participants shared the information in the joint seminar through the presentation on the efforts and results of wastewater management in crude palm oil factory as a model factory in this joint policy research.
- Proposal for improvement of wastewater management in the model factory including adoption of new equipment
- Efforts for environmental management in the model factory
- Importance of monitoring and technical assistance for local authority

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