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2006 International Symposium on Endocrine Disruption

October 2, 2006

From November 12 through 14 this year, the "2006 International Symposium on Endocrine Disruption" will be held at the Kushiro Tourism and International Relations Center in Kushiro City, Hokkaido, Japan.

On the first day of this symposium, a panel discussion entitled "Living with Chemicals: A Consideration of Risks and Benefits" will be held for the public, moderated by the free-lance journalist Mr. Akira Ikegami, and TV personality Ms. Yuri Mitsui.

The second and third days of the symposium will feature International Sessions by Japanese and foreign experts to discuss topics such as "How should we evaluate the effects of chemicals?" "How should we evaluate the environmental risks to children?" "What is our current knowledge about chemicals?" "How should we understand the risks of chemicals?" and "What do we need to do to evaluate their effects on wildlife?"

Prior registration is required for the participation in the symposium. Please apply through the symposium website ( by Sat., October 28.

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