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The results of the Study of Potential for the Introduction of Renewable Energy (FY 2010) released

April 21, 2011

The MOE carried out a study entitled "Study of Potential for the Introduction of Renewable Energy (FY 2010)" to estimate abundance, introduction potential, and possible introduction amount under scenario of photovoltaic power generation (non-residential), wind power generation (onshore and offshore), small and medium scale hydro power generation and geothermal generation, respectively.
The summary of the results can be found in the attached presentation.
* Abundance: The amount of energy resources which can be theoretically estimated by the feasible area for system installation, mean wind velocity, river discharge or other relevant factors. It excludes the amount of energy which is difficult to utilise based on the current technological level and does not take various limiting factors (land inclination, legal restrictions, land use, distance from a residential area and others) into consideration.
** Introduction potential: The amount of energy resources which take various limiting factors for energy collection and utilisation into consideration. This amount is a portion of the abundance.
*** Possible introduction amount under scenario: This is a portion of the introduction potential which can hopefully be realised for actual use under a specific scenario (assumptions) for project viability. For each type of renewable energy, the unit construction cost and other conditions are assumed to conduct a simulation on project viability and the outputs of those projects where the internal rate of return before tax is approximately 8% or higher totalised (the year of realisation is not considered).

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