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Okinawa Bioethanol International Symposium to be held on March 28-29, 2011

March 8, 2011

Expanding the introduction of renewable energy is one of the most important climate change policies of the Government of Japan. The Energy Basic Plan, which was decided by the Cabinet last July, aims to introduce renewable energy up to 10% of the primary energy supply by 2020 and to introduce biofuels more than 3% of the total amount of gasoline by 2020, among others.
Therefore, in order to achieve further expansion of the introduction of bioethanol as vehicle fuels, the MOE organizes the Okinawa Bioethanol International Symposium in Okinawa where there is the largest production area of sugarcane, the promising raw material of bioethanol, on March 28-29, 2011, consisting of keynote speeches on national and international status of bioethanol and its sustainability, a panel discussion and presentations of the regional activities on production and use of bioethanol.
Venue: Okinawa Harborview Crowne Plaza (
Participation fee: Free
Language: Japanese-English simultaneous translation on March 28, only Japanese on March 29
Program and application: (only Japanese)

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