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Sea surrounding Kabashima Island, Nagasaki selected as candidate area for the floating offshore wind turbine demonstration project

December 21, 2010

The sea surrounding Kabashima Island, Goto City, Nagasaki is selected as a candidate area for establishing Japan's first 2 MW floating offshore wind turbine in the demonstration project, which the MOE has commissioned to Kyoto University in FY 2010.
The MOE will implement environmental impact assessments and other studies in the candidate area, collaborating with relevant ministries, toward the establishment of the demonstration wind turbine in around FY 2013.
The candidate area is approximately 1 kilometer from Kabashima Island. Based on the existing information, it has a depth of approximately 100 meters and an annual average wind speed of 7.0m/s at a height of 70 meters above sea level, which are considered to be appropriate geographically as well as its wind conditions for offshore wind turbines.

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