Press Release

December 15, 2010
  • Air & Transportation

Social Experiment on "Community Cycle" to be conducted in the City of Hiroshima

The MOE of Japan has adopted the "Program for Technical Development and Other Activities for Curbing Global Warming (Competitive Funds)" for FY 2010. As part of the programs, a social experiment on "Community Cycle" (i.e. a bike-sharing program) will be conducted in the City of Hiroshima with the use of new authentication and payment system starting in February 2011 for an expected duration of approximately 2 years.

The City of Hiroshima identifies itself as "Bicycle City Hiroshima" and has been working on integrated measures to disseminate the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation that is environmentally friendly, simple, and convenient. Through this social experiment, the City will seek the possibility of formally introducing the new Community Cycle system.

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