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Workshop to be Held on Ecological Conservation Project in Northwest China

February 21, 2006

The Ministry of the Environment of Japan will hold a workshop on the Ecological Conservation Project in Northwest China on the 27th and 28th of February 2006 in Tokyo. At the workshop, experts from Japan, China, and Korea will exchange their views and information.

This project was adopted at the 2nd Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting held in 2000 among Japan, China, and Korea. The project aims at ecological conservation in Northwest China, where they suffer serious environmental problems such as rapid desertification resulting from over-grazing and water shortages, and frequent dust and sandstorms exacerbated by droughts and land degradation.

The three countries have accomplished some activities such as seminars in Inner Mongolia, and a model Eco-village project which aims at enhancing the socio-economic level through improving technologies and facilities of livestock as well as ecological restoration of degraded land.

At the workshop, participants will exchange information on and experiences of related activities, and seek ways to make the project more effective and efficient.

Date: Monday, February 27 & Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Venue: Conference room of Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center
Organizers: The Ministry of the Environment of Japan
Participants: Experts from Japan, China, and Korea, NGOs from Japan
Language: English
Session 1 - Outline of Eco-Village construction project
Session 2 - Japan's experience in ecological conservation in dry land areas
Topic 1 - Agricultural management plans in dry land areas
Topic 2 - Restoration and management technology for grassland, water, and soil
Session 3 - Summary and comments

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