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Annual Report on the Environment in Japan 2006 to be Published

May 30, 2006

The Annual Report on the Environment in Japan 2006 was approved by the Cabinet and submitted to the 164th Session of the Diet. The report deals with the themes of "Population Decline and the Environment" and "Fifty Years of Minamata Disease, Origin of Japan's Environmental Problems."

In the section of "Population Decline and the Environment," the report verifies various impacts the decline in population and resulting changes have on the environment. Progressive initiatives taken to cope with these changes are introduced, as steps toward realizing a sustainable society with a smaller population.

The subject of Minamata Disease was chosen because the year 2006 marks the 50th year since the government officially acknowledged Minamata Disease. The process of outbreak and spread of Minamata Disease and the present status of damage relief are described. The report also discusses what should be done to avoid repeating problems like this one as we mark this 50th year.

- Annual Report on the Environment in FY 2005 -
Part One
Overview 1: "Population Decline and the Environment"
Overview 2: "Fifty Years of Minamata Disease, Origin of Japan's Environmental Problems"

Part Two
Current Environmental Issues and Environmental Conservation Measures Taken by the Government
Chapter One: Prevention of Global Warming and Preservation of the Ozone Layer
Chapter Two: Conservation of the Atmospheric Environment
Chapter Three: Conservation of the Water, Soil, and Ground Environments
Chapter Four: Measures and Policies related to the Material Cycle, including Waste and Recycling Measures
Chapter Five: Measures for Chemical Substances
Chapter Six: Conservation of the Natural Environment and Promoting Contact with Nature
Chapter Seven: Basis of Various Measures, and Measures Facilitating the Participation of Various Actors and International Cooperation

- Environmental Conservation Measures to be Implemented in FY 2006 -

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