Speeches by the Environment Minister

Video Message by ITO Shintaro, Minister of the Environment, Japan, on May 22, International Day for Biological Diversity 2024, "Be part of the Plan" (May 1, 2024)

My name is Shintaro Ito, the Minister of the Environment of Japan.
On behalf of the COP10 presidency, I would like to make remarks on the occasion of the International Day for Biological Diversity.

This year’s theme is “Be part of the Plan”. In order to fully implement the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, we must act together, and take a “whole-of-society” approach.

In Japan, we have a traditional view that humans are a part of nature. The loss of biodiversity means not only the loss of wild species but also human life and well-being. In other words, the vision of living in harmony with nature is an essential part of Japanese culture. Based on such background, Japan has been promoting the SATOYAMA Initiative, with more than 300 partners.

The interest of the business sector in Japan towards biodiversity is growing, and is clearly indicated by the fact that Japanese companies have occupied one-fourth of the TNFD early adopters.

I believe it is critically important to catalyze the efforts made by these private entities in order to achieve the 23 targets of the GBF, particularly Target 3, the so-called "30 by 30 target". The Ministry of the Environment Japan has initiated a program to certify 184 sites in Japan where biodiversity is effectively conserved by the activities of the private sector, at a level that meets the standards to be recognized as OECMs. Japan has also enacted a new law to further promote such efforts.

Supporting the activities of the next generation is also important. This August, Japan will host the International Youth Conference on Biodiversity in Yokohama City, Japan.

I wish you a very happy International Biodiversity Day. Please join us and be part of the plan to halt the loss of biodiversity and put biodiversity on a recovery trend to achieve the 2030 Mission for our shared future.

Thank you!