Speeches by the Environment Minister

Video Message by NISHIMURA Akihiro, Minister of the Environment, Japan, on May 22, International Day for Biological Diversity 2023, "From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity" (May 19, 2023)

My name is NISHIMURA Akihiro, Minister of the Environment of Japan.

Last December's CBD-COP15 adopted a new global framework, the “Kun-ming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework” (GBF). Japan welcomes this his-toric agreement. To achieve our 2050 vision of “living in harmony with nature”, which was handed over from the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, we need to further step up our actions for biodiversity conservation.

In response to this new GBF, Japan swiftly revised its national biodiversity strat-egy and action plan (NBSAP) this March, leading the world toward implementa-tion phase. 

In addition, at this year’s G7 Ministers’ Meeting on Climate, Energy and Envi-ronment, that was held in Sapporo and which I co-chaired, the G7 members committed to the swift and full implementation of the GBF, the establishment of the G7 Alliance on Nature Positive Economy, and the holding of the G7 workshop on Invasive Alien Species, among others. Together with the G7 members, Japan will strongly lead these efforts as the G7 presidency.

In this meeting, the G7 members also committed to continue working toward the achievement of the 30 by 30 target. We believe that the promotion of Other Ef-fective area-based Conservation Measures (OECMs) will be the key to achieving this target. 

This April, Japan initiated a new scheme that certifies areas that contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, such as satoyama and urban green spaces as OECMs. We will also share our experiences through this initia-tive to the world to contribute to achieving the 30 by 30 target. 

Furthermore, we will support developing countries in revising their NBSAPs through the Japan Biodiversity Fund.

To fully implement the GBF, it is necessary to promote international cooperation and the global efforts being made by all actors of society.

Let us all take action together, now!

Thank you.