Speeches by the Environment Minister

Video Message by YAMAGUCHI Tsuyoshi, Minister of the Environment, Japan, at the Founding ceremony of Fukuoka Method Global Network (July 28, 2022)

Hello, distinguished participants. My name is Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi, Minister of the Environment of Japan. It is a great honor to participate here today in this “Founding ceremony of Fukuoka Method Global Network”, and let me express my deepest gratitude to Fukuoka City, UN-HABITAT, JICA and Fukuoka University for jointly starting this Global Network.
“Fukuoka Method” is the solution for the proper management of landfill sites, and can contribute to building sustainable cities all over the world.   
“Fukuoka Method” can reduce emissions of methane from landfill sites. Last year over 100 countries joined the “Global Methane Pledge”, an initiative to reduce global methane emissions by at least 30 percent from 2020 level by 2030. “Fukuoka Method” will play a critical role of reducing methane emissions from waste.
“Fukuoka Method Global Network” is to provide an occasion where people can learn about “Fukuoka Method”, and share the experience of “Fukuoka Method”. I am sure that the Global Network will provide many answers for local governments.
The Japanese Government will strongly support the “Fukuoka Method Global Network” activities. The concept of the Global Network has been shared in this week’s Third Assembly of the ACCP, “African Clean Cities Platform”.

Fukuoka method will greatly contribute to realize proper management of waste.
There are lots of things we can do together. Let us cooperate more.
Thank you very much.