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Team minus 6%'s approach for this winter "Now, it's time for 'UCHI-ECO"

November 1, 2006

"Team minus 6%" has been appealing to "set the office temperature to 20 degrees C during winter " by adapting "WARM BIZ," a business style to work in warm offices comfortably by not counting too much on heating system during winter.

This year, "WARM BIZ" approach is to be expanded from "office" to "home" to promote global warming mitigation through clothing, food and housing.

The press release took place as a kick-off of this approach, and to make it easier for people to feel familiar, Environment Minister Wakabayashi named it "UCH I-ECO".

At the introduction press release, various guests were invited to promote "home-eco" through many opportunities and means to appeal to people such as website and magazines, and expressed their approaches and ideas.

1. Kick-off Press Release Overview

[ Date & Time]
October 31 (Tue.) 17:00-
[ Venue]
Office of Minister of the Environment
[ Guest]
Minister of the Environment WAKABAYASH I
Tome K AMIOOOK A (Illustrator)
Mineko NAKAJIMA (Free anchor)
Reiko YASUI (Essayist / food coordinator)

2. "home-eco" special site

[ URL] (* within "Team minus 6%" H P)
[ Open]
Open partially October 31 (Tue.) 18:00- (* add contents gradually)
[ Main Contents]
  1. "home-eco" development tool download system
  2. Message from Minister Masatoshi WAKABAYASH I
  3. What is "home-eco"? ("What is ' home-eco"? Introduction of "home-eco" with clothing, food and housing from home)
  4. Tome KAMIOOOK A's "Do ECO when you remember! " (Tome KAMIOOOK A's regular column)
  5. "home-eco" activity report (introduction of team company and organization's "home-eco" activity) etc.


  • (Reference) Press Release Guest ("home-eco" practitionar) Profile / Message


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