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A film "Japan Sinks" donation to Japan Fund for Global Environment

August 23, 2006

A reception will take place as part of the profit from "Japan Sinks" will be donated to Japan Fund for Global Environment (Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency) through the charity system "LIFE BOAT."

The charity system "LIFE BOAT" is established by the "Japan Sinks" film production committee to appeal the importance of environment protection, to prevent from environmental destruction, and to tell awfulness and fear of natural disaster through the film. Approximately 10 million yen will be received as a donation this time.

At the reception, the main character of the film "Japan Sinks" Tsuyoshi K U SANAGI will present the donation list.

1. Day & Time
August 25 (Friday) 14:30-14:40
2. Venue
Office of Minister of the Environment
3. Guest
Yuriko KOIKE
Minister of the Environment
(Main character in the film "Japan Sinks")
Kazuya H AMANA
(Executive producer of the film "Japan Sinks")
(Chairman of Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency)
4. Coverage
Please apply with the attached "Application form for Coverage."
(due August 24, Thursday, 18:00)
Please be aware that Tsuyoshi K U SANAGI's right of publicity is restricted to ground waves such as CS, BS, and CATV only, and not authoriz ed to use in other visual media and internet.

"Japan Fund for Global Environment"

"Japan Fund for Global Environment" is established on May 1992 within Japan Environment Corporation to support NGOs' environmental conservation activities and such and to develop a national campaign for environmental conservation (on April 1, 1993 transferred to Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency).

"Japan Fund for Global Environment" is consisted of both public and private funding. Supports are expected widely not only from government endowment, but also from individual donations and corporate contributions. The investment gains of the fund are applied for NGOs activities and human resource development for environmental conservation activities. Run with advices from experts, its performance is disclosed in public. (from Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency's H P)


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