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Foreign Students' Essay Contest" Prize Giving Ceremony at the 14th Environment Congress for Asia and the Pacific (ECO ASIA 2006)

June 22, 2006

At "ECO ASIA 2006" (the 14th Environment Congress for Asia and the Pacific) held on June 24 (Saturday) in Saitama City, there is a prize giving ceremony of "Foreign Students' Essay Contest" on the theme of global warming mitigation.

This essay contest was aimed to promote a sense of community by introducing global warming mitigation techniques in other Asian countries. In cooperation with "COOL ASIA 2006" held on May 31 at Omotesando Hills in Tokyo, it had a concept that Asian countries should fight global warming as a whole, reviewing merits of traditional costume and lifestyles which grew to fit its climate in the area.

The 1st prize winners (4 students) are invited to the ceremony and awarded certificate of commendation by Minister Koike. In addition, a furoshiki made by material from the winner's country will be awarded as an extra prize by the representative from the winner's country ("ECO ASIA 2006" participants).

Incidentally, staff at Nepali Embassy in Japan is expected to appear to celebrate in the traditional costume to fit its climate and lifestyle.

"ECO ASIA 2006 International Students' Eco Essay Contest" Awards Ceremony (Overview)

1. Date & Time:
June 24 (Saturday), 2006 10:00am . (Schedule)
(*Takes place during the opening ceremony of "ECO ASIA 2006")
2. Venue:
Urawa Royal Pines Hotel
2-5-1, Naka-cho, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama TEL:(048)827-1111
3. 1st Prize Winners (invited to the ceremony) < * Alphabetical order of country names>:
Koh Shin-u / China
Koh Johng / China
Carmela Romero-Centeno / Philippines
Saroj Napal / Nepal
4. Coverage:
Please refer to the attachment.

"ECO ASIA 2006 International Students' Eco Essay Contest" Award winners list

Prize Name Country of
Essay Title
Koh Shin-u China Bamboo - "Global Warming Prevention" Technique at My Home
Koh Johng China Eco Life Transition from Quality to Quantity
Carmela Romero-Centeno Philippines NO MORE DECEMBERS
Saroj Nepal Nepal Mitigating Global Warming -Means and Measures in Nepal
MAI HOANG Vietnam Treasure to Protect
Wang Takumin China Fighting global warming in my home country
Tei Gakuryou China The Use of Hybrid Train
Deepak K.C Nepal Mitigate global warming - means and measures in my home country, NEPAL
Sabrina Regmi Nepal Climate Change Mitigation: Women's Roles and Contributions
Kaku China Eco Life is Fun
Gabriel Gravelle Fiji Mitigation Strategies in Fiji for Confronting Global Warming
Jang Mi South Korea * No Title
Karri Ramu India Mitigate Global Warming - means and measures in my home country


  • Prof. Hironori Hamanaka (Faculty of Keio University Environmental Information Department) (Committee Chairman)
  • Mr. Asato Izumi (Writer)
  • Prof.Wang Bin(Faculty of Hosei University Institute of International Japan-Studies)

The 14th Environment Congress for Asia and the Pacific (ECO ASIA 2006)

An international congress held by Ministry of the Environment (MOE), which Ministers of the Environment of Asia Pan-Pacific countries gather and exchange views to promote environment policy communication. This year's expected participants are Ministers from 22 countries and representatives from11 international organizations such as UNEP.

* Participants are encouraged to wear in "COOL BIZ" attires.


  • 1st Prize Winner Koh Jong
  • (Attachment) Application form for Coverage


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