Global Environment

The Bill on Amendments of the Climate Change Policy Law

29 March 2002

The Government of Japan has approved, at a cabinet meeting on 29 March 2002, the Bill on Amendments of the Climate Change Policy Law, and submitted it to the Diet in the same day. The purposes of the amendments are to provide a statutory framework, through which Japan could achieve the 6% emission reduction commitment under the Kyoto Protocol, and thus to open the way for Japan to become a party to the Kyoto Protocol. After the passage of the Bill as well as Diet's approval of the ratification, the Government of Japan will become a party to the Protocol.

(Key Elements of the Bill)

1. The Kyoto Target Achievement Plan

  • The Government shall adopt the Kyoto Target Achievement Plan to achieve the 6% emissions reduction commitment under the Kyoto Protocol.
  • The Plan shall stipulate -
    • Emission reductions targets of greenhouse gases and sectors, and other targets of the use of sinks, emissions reductions by innovative technologies and additional efforts by various sectors
    • Targets for measures to achieve the targets above
    • Central and local governments' policies to promote or enhance the measures above

2. Follow-ups and Revision of the Plan

  • The government shall conduct comprehensive review of the implementation of the Plan in 2004 and 2007.
  • Based on the result of the review above, the government shall revise the Plan, where necessary, to ensure the achievement of the 6% emissions reduction commitment.

3. The Global Warming Prevention Headquarters

  • There shall be a statutory headquarters to be known as the Global Warming Prevention Headquarters for the purpose of drafting the Kyoto Target Achievement Plan and supervising its implementation.
  • The chief of the Headquarters shall be the Prime Minister, and the Deputy-Chiefs shall be the Chief Cabinet Secretary, the Minister of the Environment, and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

4. The Use of Sinks

The Government and local governments shall implement policies and measures under the Forest and Forestry Plan and other relevant plans, with the aim of achieving the target of the use of sinks stipulated by the Kyoto Target Achievement Plan.

5. The Use of Kyoto Mechanisms

The Government shall study the way to use the Kyoto Mechanisms, and take necessary measures for their use.

6. Other Statutory Measures

  • Climate change policies by local governments
  • Global Warming Prevention Activities Advisers
  • Local Centres to promote and enhance global warming prevention activities
  • The Establishment of Local Partnership Council