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Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework

Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework_Figure

Regarding the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework, deliberations were commenced with the aim of having people around the world witness the spectacular recovery of the Hamadori District at the time of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020. The Study Group on the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework compiled the Framework in June 2014, aiming to build a new industrial base in the Hamadori District in order to recover the industry and employment in the district that was severely affected by the earthquake and the nuclear disaster.

For achieving the Framework, efforts have been made to develop bases for R&D on decommissioning, research and demonstration on robot technology, and information provision (archives base), to materialize projects in such fields as energy including hydrogen and renewable energy, as well as environment and recycling, the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry, medical services, and aerospace, and to form industrial clusters, foster human resources and develop living environment, etc.

In December 2019, the Reconstruction Agency, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Fukushima Prefecture jointly compiled the “Blueprint of Industrial Development Placing the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework at the Core,” which shows envisaged independent and sustainable industrial development in the Hamadori District and concrete measures therefor also in consideration of the future after the reconstruction and revitalization period. Based on the Blueprint, Fukushima Prefecture formulated a draft revision of the Intensive Promotion Plan based on the Act on Special Measures for the Reconstruction and Revitalization of Fukushima in March 2020, and the revised plan was approved by the Prime Minister in May 2020.

Additionally, Fukushima Prefecture established a general incorporated foundation, “Fukushima Innovation Coast Promotion Organization,” in July 2017 as the central organization in promoting the Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework towards its realization. The Organization has strengthened its system sequentially since April 2018 and became a public interest incorporated foundation in January 2019. In June 2020, the Act on Special Measures for the Reconstruction and Revitalization of Fukushima was amended, and a system was newly introduced to make it possible to dispatch national public employees to the Organization while maintaining their status as national public employees. In June 2022, as part of the Grand Design and Action Plan for a New Form of Capitalism and the Follow-up, the Cabinet decided to intensively offer support for the improvement of the demonstration field and practical development of startups, etc. with the aim of making the Fukushima Hamadori area into an advanced area for creating startups.

  • Included in this reference material on February 28, 2018
  • Updated on March 31, 2023
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