Air & Transportation

Publication of "Handbook to Deal with Low Frequency Noise (2004)"

Office of Odor, Noise and Vibration
Air Quality Management Division

"Guidance" to Counter Low Frequency Noise Problems
  1. How to Counter Complaints about Low Frequency Noise
  2. Understanding Complaints
  3. Field Inspection
  4. Measurement
    • 4.1. Making Measurement Plan
    • 4.2. Implementing Measurement
  5. Evaluation Methods
    • 5.1. Complaints of Rattling
    • 5.2. Complaints of Mental and Physical Discomfort
  6. Countermeasures
  7. Follow-up Measurement
[PDF 187KB]
Fig. The flow from filing of complaints to find a solution [PDF 17KB]
Evaluation Guide to Solve Low Frequency Noise Problems [PDF 24KB]
Fig. Evaluation Procedures for Low Frequency Noise Issues [PDF 15KB]
"Interpretation of Evaluation Guide" to Solve Low Frequency Noise Problems [PDF 83KB]