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Antarctic Specially Protected Areas are sites that have environmental, scientific, historical and/or aesthetic values, where undisturbed nature remains, or where scientific research programs are planned or operated (Section 5, Article 3 of the Law Relating to the Environment in Antarctica). It is required to obtain a permit in order to enter those specific areas.
Law Relating to Protection of the Environment in Antarctica
ASPA1 Taylor Rookery, Mac Robertson Land (67°26’S, 60°50’E)
ASPA2 Rookery Islands, Holme Bay (67°37’S, 62°33’E)
ASPA3 Ardery Island, Budd Coast (66°22’S, 110°28’ E) and Odbert Island (66°22’S, 110°33’E)
ASPA4 Sabrina Island, Balleny Islands (66°54’S, 163°20’E)
ASPA5 Beaufort Island, Ross Sea (76°58’S, 167°3’E)
ASPA6 Hallett, Victoria Land (72°18’S, 170°19’E)
ASPA7 Dion Islands, Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula (67°52’S, 68°43’W)
ASPA8 Green Island, Berthelot Islands, Antarctic Peninsula (65°19’S, 64°10’W)
ASPA9 Shirreff Cove, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands (62°28’S, 60°48’W)
ASPA10 Moe Island, South Orkney Islands (60°45’S, 45°41’W)
ASPA11 Lynch Island, South Orkney Islands (60°40’S, 45°38’W)
ASPA12 Southern Powell Island and adjacent islands, South Orkney Islands (60°45’S, 45°2’W)
ASPA13 Coppermine Peninsula, Robert Island (62°23’S, 59°42’W)
ASPA14 Litchfield Island, Arthur Harbour, Palmer Archipelago (66°16’S, 64°6’W)
ASPA15 Cape Royds, Ross Island (77°33’S, 166°8’E)
ASPA16 Arrival Hights, Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island (77°50’S, 166°40’E)
ASPA17 Barwick Valley, Victoria Land (77°15’S, 161°E)
ASPA18 Cape Crozier, Ross Island (77°32’S, 169°19’E)
ASPA19 Fildes Peninsula, King George Island, South Shetland Islands (62°12’S, 58°58’W)
ASPA20 Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands (62°38’S, 61°5’W)
ASPA21 Haswell Island, Queen Mary Coast, Queen Mary Land (66°31’S, 93°00’E)
ASPA22 Western Admiralty Bay, King George Island, South Shetland Islands (62°8’S, 58°27’W)