Areas - Water Quality Control - Rivers, Lakes, Irrigation Canals

Environmental Technologies with Co-benefits

Technology Removal of sediment contamination
Overview Removal of sediment contamination consists of a step of dredging of the bottom sediment and a step of purifying the dredged substances.  The dredging work requires use of a sludge dredge boat, backhoe, vacuum car, etc.  Dredged substances are normally moved onto the land by pumping, pneumatic pumping or barge unloader, and are then purified.  The following shows examples of purification.  Coagulant is added to the bottom sediment of the dredged substance, which are then subjected to a step of solid/liquid separation.  Separated water is discharged and solids are dehydrated.  After that, the remainder is used as embankment soil, agricultural soil, etc.  Further, it is solidified by concrete or is directly subjected to landfill disposal.  In the implementation of this technique, sufficient consideration is given to the details of the sediment contamination and surrounding working environment and an economical combination of treatment methods are adopted.
Company Many dredging companies, marine civil engineering contractors, civil engineering contractors, etc.
Area Rivers, lakes and marshes
SubArea Dredging




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