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Reasons for Promoting Household Eco-account Books

The Monthly Household Eco-account Book. It's Easy!

ItemCO2 Emission Coefficient First MonthSecond MonthThird Month
amount used amount emittedcostamount usedamount emittedcostamount usedamount emittedcost
Electricity(kWh)0.12 × (meter reading) = (kg) Yen (meter reading) (kg) Yen (meter reading) (kg) Yen
City gas
× (meter reading) = (kg) Yen (meter reading) (kg) Yen (meter reading) (kg) Yen
Water(m3)0.16 × (meter reading) = (kg) Yen (meter reading) (kg) Yen (meter reading) (kg) Yen
Lamp oil(l)0.69 ×   = (kg) Yen   (kg) Yen   (kg) Yen
Gasoline(l)0.64 ×   = (kg) Yen   (kg) Yen   (kg) Yen
Aluminum can0.05 ×   = (kg)     (kg)     (kg)  
Steel can0.01 ×   = (kg)   (kg)   (kg)
Plastic bottle0.02 ×   = (kg)   (kg)   (kg)
Glass bottle0.03 ×   = (kg)   (kg)   (kg)
Paper container0.04 ×   = (kg)   (kg)   (kg)
Food tray0.002 ×   = (kg)   (kg)   (kg)
Trash(kg)0.24 ×   = (kg)   (kg)   (kg)
Total       (kg) (A)   (kg) (B)   (kg) (C)
monthly saving on family budget (B)-(A)
expected annual saving {(C)-(B)} × 6

How to use the Household Eco-account Book

  • For monthly consumption of gas, electricity and water, check the meter or the bill.
  • For aluminum cans, steel cans, plastic bottles, grass bottles, paper container and food trays, count the ones you did not recycle and enter the number in the column "amount used".
  • Multiply the "amount used" by the CO2 emission coefficient, then enter the number in the column "amount emitted". This total is the amount of CO2 emitted by your household. (Carbon conversion)
  • In the column "cost", enter the cost of each item according to the amount used.
  • Make entries regularly for 3 months with the aim of a 10% reduction in emissions.
  • As emissions decrease, you should see a corresponding reduction in your bills.

Other Things You Can Do to Save the Environment

  • The current goal of industrialized countries is to reduce CO2 emissions to 1990 levels. Think of all the things you can do to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Make a list of the clothes in your closet and pin it to the door. If you know what you have, you can avoid buying what you don't need - and save money too.
  • There are many more useful tips in the Household Eco-account Book.

Send for your Household Eco-account Book now

  • To receive your Household Eco-account Book, send a stamped, self-addressed A4 envelope (270Yen for Weekly Type) to the address listed on the right.
  • Please answer the questionnaire enclosed with the Household Eco-account Book and return it to us. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact;

Center for Environmental Information Science
Attn: Household Eco-account Book
4-7-24 Kudan-Minami
Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0074 Japan
Tel. 81-3-3265-3916

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