Environmental Policy

Reasons for Promoting Household Eco-account Books_How Eco-Friendly is your Lifestyle?

Friendly is your Lifestyle?

Low eco-consciousness. Mother Earth is not very pleased. Start making a few changes in your lifestyle with the Eco-Life Beginner course. Good! You are well on the way to an eco-friendly lifestyle. A little more effort is needed, however. Start with the Eco-Life Intermediate course. You are an inspiration to others. Try the Eco-Life Advanced course and make your lifestyle even more exemplary.
Do you now keep record of your household expenses?
First, some basic knowledge about the environment. Are you accustomed to making daily entries in a budget book?
Can you manage weekly entries in a budget book? Have you considered using another kind of household budget book?
Try the Monthly Household Eco-account Book on the right. Try the Weekly Household Eco-account Book. You can use it with one you are currently using. Try the Daily Household Eco-account Book.
Eco-Life Challenge
A Step Towards Resolution of Environmental Problems
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