Environmental Policy

The Action Plan for Greening Government Operations - note


  1. The "current level" means the level in fiscal 1995 (except in the case that the Ministries and Agencies concerned have implemented before fiscal 1995 the planned actions which could be deemed as the actions of the Plan and the achievement in the year could be evaluated, the level in such year.)
  2. The concrete and detailed actions that are commonly undertaken by ministries and agencies shall be discussed and decided by the Ministries and Agencies concerned.
  3. The examples of actions undertaken by the Government and Ministries and Agencies concerned which contribute the environmental conservation, and shall be implemented in harmony with the Plan include the Decision at the Council for Promotion of Energy and Resources Conservation measures and the Action Programme on Common Issues for Administrative Informatization. The concrete and detailed actions mentioned above were decided at the Council of Ministries and Agencies Concerned on Promotion of the Basic Environment Plan (hereinafter referred to as the "Council") (Chaired by the Director-General, Planning and Coordination Bureau, Environment Agency /. Membership : Director-General level of 23 Ministries and Agencies) on June 13, 1995.

The actions include purchasing eco-labelled products, promoting use of electronic mail, installing energy efficient lights, utilizing rain water, reducing the use of agrochemicals, conditioning appropriate temperature in office space ( cooling : approximately 28 degrees centigrade, heating : 20 degrees centigrade), avoiding overtime work on Wednesday, introducing bicycles for common use, elaborating recycling plan in each building, establishing scheme for promotion and reviewing the Plan and appointing an accountable chief executive official among high ranking officials, public reporting the achievement of the Plan every year through appropriate channel such as the annual White Paper on the Environment as well as considering the scheme for auditing the Plan such as audit at the Council involving experts from the outside of the Government.

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