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Park Etiquette

In order for everyone to have a pleasant experience, the visitors to the national parks are advised to respect nature and observe the following:

  • Do not throw away any trash.
  • Do not pick wild flowers/damage plants.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • No hunting or fishing.
  • No smoking while walking.
  • Bonfires / recreational fires are only permitted in designated areas.
  • Beware of high surf and gusty winds (Beware of tidal changes).
  • Danger of landslides when raining.
  • Earthquakes and tsunami warning (Evacuate to a high altitude in cases of strong shaking).
  • Camping is not permitted outside the designated camp area.
  • Be sure to take precautions against wildfire (As the Setonaikai Sea area is an area of relatively low rainfall and prone to wildfire, visitors must take precautions against firearms).
  • Watch out for poisonous living creatures when playing and fishing at rocky shores. (Plotosus japonicas, Hapalochlaena fasciata, Aglaophenia whiteleggei, and the Amphinomidae)