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Brief announcement on the amount of the budget to go towards environmental preservation matters in FY 2009

January 30, 2009

The Ministry of the Environment has arranged the budget which will go towards environmental preservation matters in FY 2009, having considered the requests of the concerned ministries. The total amount of the budget in FY 2009 is 2 trillion 1.168 billion yen. Although this amount has not changed very in comparison to its share in recent national budgets, it is a decrease of 97.2 billion yen (4.4% down) compared to the amount first estimated in 2008.

The amount shows an increase of 18.3 billion yen in regards to world environment preservation issues, and 1.9 billion yen towards on the basic environmental policies. However, in regards to issues concerning the preservation of the air and the water, soil and ground environment, the amount shows a decrease of 47.9 billion and 43.6 billion yen, respectively. These decreases are mainly the result of some projects having already achieved their goals and/or been completed.

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