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Results of the FY2006 Environmental Monitoring Questionnaire for Waterside Environment

March 26, 2007

The Ministry of the Environment conducted a survey of 500 people on their awareness of waterside environment.

The following is a list of survey results:
1. Regarding each person's familiar waterside environment, 40% of them agreed and 40% disagreed that the environment was in good condition. Major reasons for disagreement were "too much trash" and "dirty water."

2. Regarding the use of watersides, rivers are used the most. The most common uses of rivers were "waterside walking and cycling", "enjoying the scenery", and "observation of living creatures." The most common uses of the sea were "enjoying the scenery" and "swimming."

3. Regarding the water quality of familiar water places, the majority, 60 % of the total, answered that they are concerned with floating items (trash, oil, etc.)

4. Regarding environmental water quality standards, 70% of all respondents answered that they have heard of BOD and/or COD. 40% of them said they have heard about total nitrogen and total phosphorus.

5. Regarding activities on water environment preservation, 70% answered that they often take part in such activities or they have participated in them before. Most of the activities were "cleaning of riparian area or cleaning of sea or river bed."

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