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The Front Cover Concur for the "Annual Report on the Environment, the Sound Material-Cycle Society, and Biodiversity 2016"

October 19, 2015

It couldn't have come at a better time for people to become more concerned about environmental issues other than this opportunity to take part in this contest that we are going to organize in the coming fiscal year again. Please send us your paintings.

1. Purport
Each year, the government summarizes the state of and measures for various environmental issues, including both being implemented and to be implemented, and publishes annual report of the Environment, Sound Material-Cycle Society, and Biodiversity. Correspondingly, the government invites paintings with environment related theme from the citizen and selects a work that graces the front cover of annual report. Starting with the edition of FY1999, the competition will celebrate its 18th anniversary this time.

2. Theme for Painting
"Environmentally Sound Society"
for example:
 What we can do to our environment
 Community with clean air, water, and greenery
 Our future and the Environment
 Let us try the 3R's campaign (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!)
 Hand in hand, with our planet Earth
 and so on.

3. Category and Eligibility
There are two categories. Some award winners will be selected and a certificate and a memento will be presented to each of them.
(1) student category
 award of Minister of the Environment (the highest one),
 award of Excellence,
 award of Honor (two awards, or more)
*Students in elementary schools, the elementary level of special schools, junior high schools, the first semester of junior high schools, and the lower secondary level of special schools are invited to apply.
(2) general public category
 award of Minister of the Environment (the highest one),
 award of Excellence,
 award of Honor (two awards, or more)
*Contestants who are fifteen years of age and older at time of entry and who are not belonging to the category above are invited to apply.
*Designs of awarded works will be utilized on the front cover or on the back cover of the "Annual Report on the Environment, the Sound Material-Cycle Society, and Biodiversity 2016", or on a poster of or at an event of public awareness activities related to the environment, and so on.

4. Screening
Members of Reviewing Board whom Ministry of the Environment and office of Administration will appoint will convene expert councils and select works under consideration for awards. Each member of Reviewing Board will have expertise in his or her category from among Education of Sustainable Development, those in the fields of Arts, and so forth. Each category will be judged separately. Minister of the Environment will select one work from the nominees in each category for award of Minister of the Environment which is the highest one in this concur.

5. Competition Calendar
January 29th, 2015 application deadline (must be postmarked by the deadline)
February, 2015 nominees selected at expert councils
mid-March, 2015 awards announcement (on the Web of Ministry of the Environment) notification to winners (please note that only winners will be contacted.)
late-March, 2015 commendation ceremony

6. Required Material
Stipulations below should be strictly followed.
 size construction paper in quarto size (542 x 392 mm)
 orientation vertically long
 artistic media free (flat object only)
 coloring free
 character prohibited (such as "white paper of the Environment", "easy on the Earth", etc.)
 photograph prohibited

7. Precaution
Please do NOT fold or roll up your work(s) when you send in your work(s) to our office of Administration. By making a request at the time of application, your work(s) excluding awarded works will be returned at applicant's costs.
All rights including copyright of submitted works belong to the hosting organizers. Works already published elsewhere are not accepted. Works based on only original, not secondary, sources are qualified. For works regarded as but not limited to imitation, resemblance, or any other relevant matters, the organizers may cancel the satisfaction of the predetermined winning condition, even after being placed. As the winning works will be appearing in a printed form - rather than in a gallery setting, part of the judging criteria will include suitability for publication. There are cases, as necessary, where some correction and/or a certain sort of effects are processed when work is opened to the public, and there are cases where a design based on works awarded is developed.
By submitting artwork for our office of Administration, contestant grants Ministry of the Environment permission to use any portion of the submitted images for future promotion, online display, and being in-print. By entering the contest and for valuable consideration, including but not limited to credited publication, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, entrants grant Ministry of the Environment the right to publish and use submitted works, without prior approval or compensation beyond the terms of the contest, in print or electronic form.

8. Application
Please fill out a copy of our application form and attach it on the back of each of your work when sending it. The application form can be downloaded HERE (please click the link on the bottom of the page). Multiple applications can be an option for a single contestant (representative). One completed application form attached on the back face of each of your work is needed as well.

9. Mailing Address (office of Administration)
Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
Japan Environment Association (JEA)
in care of office of Administration for
the Front Cover Concur for the "Annual Report on the Environment, the Sound Material-Cycle Society, and Biodiversity 2016"
Bakurocho Daiichi Building 9th floor
1 - 4 - 16 Nihonbashi-bakuro-cho, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 103 - 0002 JAPAN
telephone +81 3 5643 6251
facsimile +81 3 5643 6250
Ministry of the Environment will NOT accept any inquiries and applications regarding this contest. For more information, please contact the office of Administration specified above.

10. Organizer
Ministry of the Environment

*The results of last year's concur

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