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The 4th Version of the Japanese Red Lists on 9 Taxonomic Groups

August 28, 2012

The Ministry of the Environment released the updated Red Lists on nine taxonomic groups (excluding Brackish-water / Freshwater Fishes ) based on the review of the endangered wild fauna and flora that had started in 2008.

The number of endangered species (categorized in CR, EN and VU) changed as follows:
Mammals: 34 species (previously 42 species)
Birds: 97 species (previously 92 species)
Reptiles: 36 species (previously 31 species)
Amphibians: 22 species (previously 21 species)
Insects: 358 species (previously 239 species)
Shellfish: 563 species (previously 377 species)
Invertebrates: 61 species (previously 56 species)
Plants I: 1,779 species (previously 1,690 species)
Plants II: 480 species (previously 463 species)

As a result, the total number of endangered species listed in the Japanese Red Lists in the nine taxonomic categories reached 3,430 (previously 3,011).

* The total number of the endangered species in the entire ten taxonomic categories reached 3,574 (previously 3,155), with the number of previous version on Brackish-water / Freshwater Fishes.
The Red List on Brackish-water / Freshwater Fishes will be released later on.

The ministry will take further publicizing and conservation measures regarding these new red lists as needed.
Also, the updated Japanese Red Data Books are planned to be released in 2014.

* The Japanese Red List categories and the IUCN's categories are basically the same. However the Japanese list does not have a category of "Least Concern (LC)." And the Japanese list contains an original category, "Local Population (LP)."

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