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MOE's Opinions on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement regarding the plan to increase No.6 Thermal Power Facility in Kimitsu Power Plant

October 5, 2009

Last October 5, 2009, the MOE submitted its opinions on the draft environmental impact statement regarding the plan to increase No.6 thermal power facility in Kimitsu Power Plant. MOE aims to ensure the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's security precondition (METI) in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Law and the Electric Utility Law.

This project builds a thermal power facility in Kimitsu Power Plant. Then, incidentally produce by-product gases, increased by renovating of the furnace at Nippon Steel Corporation Kimitsu Works, as a fuel for power generation supplying the generated output to Kimitsu Works and Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. This project lessens greenhouse gas emissions by utilization of by-product gas energy. This power facility is a combined cycle generating plant generating power at high efficiency, but the annual carbon dioxide emissions increase as a whole. Therefore, MOE's opinions point out the need to take the following measures appropriately:

1) Greenhouse gas
In addition to the Power Plant's utmost efforts, it is necessary to limit carbon dioxide emission completely as much as possible for this Power Plant calls on Nippon Steel and Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. bearing carbon dioxide emissions to implement measures.

It is necessary for electric power facility to maintain and operate for maximum carbon dioxide emissions reduction effect as a whole of power plant. For example, maintain high thermal power facility utilization that is highest generating efficiency of this project, and boost generating efficiency of all power plants including existing power plant, but reduce amount use of heavy oil as much as possible.

It is necessary to make effective use of by-product gases and high efficiency power facility, and promote measures for energy conservation in Kimitsu Power Plant. It is also important to lessen the effect of CO2 emission in this power plant as much as possible. Because of this, call for steady implementation of the action such as injection of recyclable energy, promotion of measures for energy conservation in Nippon Steel and Tokyo Electric Power Co..

Follow up on thermal power facility utilization after service, CO2 emission, and specific CO2 emission consumption. As a result, take appropriate additional measures as needed, and cooperate with Nippon Steel and Tokyo Electric Power Co. if constructed a new framework of greenhouse gas mitigation after 2013.

2) Air contaminant
Operate thermal power facility that has little air pollutant emissions preferentially, and make a thorough maintenance of flue gas denitration equipment. In addition, require operation condition monitoring that of increasing No.6 thermal power facility, and take appropriate measures as needed.
If a higher air pollutant emission restraint technology is developed, take appropriate measures such as considering to adopting it.

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