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MOE's Opinions on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement regarding the plan to increase No.3 advanced pressurized water reactor in Sendai Nuclear Power Plant.

September 28, 2009

Last September 28, 2009, the MOE submitted its opinions on the draft environmental impact statement regarding the plan to increase No.3 advanced pressurized water reactor in Sendai Nuclear Power Plant. MOE aims to ensure the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's security precondition (METI) in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Law and the Electric Utility Law.

This project entails reclaiming land in the vicinity of existing Sendai Nuclear Power Plant and builds a new advanced pressurized water reactor (159 million kW). It is necessary to pursue the supposed Nuclear Power Plant's plans and to insure safety for the reduction of greenhouse gases. However, this project may have a great influence on the surrounding environment. Therefore, careful consideration is needed.

Taking these issues into consideration deliberately, the MOE's opinions concluded as follows:

1) Greenhouse gas
It is necessary to limit greenhouse gas emission completely as much as possible for Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. keeping off fossil fuels in the existing thermal power plant that decrease in efficiency, and its compliance in the appropriate use of the power plant. It is also deemed necessary to impose maximum implementation of this new reactor.

2) Natural environment
Provide further insights into relationship between marine life and applied fire flow or quantity of water intake, monitor the change of water temperatures and water quality. As deemed necessary, take applicable preservation measures for the environment. Make maximum efficient use of the sedimentation process in this project, and take appropriate measures against sediment leakage. Take applicable preservation of the environment for sediment leakage and plant such as trees even after the completion of work.
When the construction is endangering important animals and plants, should hold talks with experts and related Local Government Units immediately. Moreover, take the applicable preservation of the environment to minimize the impact for the intended species.
To provide essential spawning habitat for Caretta caretta before and after construction, take the applicable preservation of the environment such as set green procurement or shelf construction at night. Likewise, monitor the coastal change as a result of the landfill as need arises. Also, if something extraordinary happens during the implementation of the projects, take utmost applicable preservation of the environment.

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