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New themes for the "FY2009 Promotion Project for Biodiversity-related Technology Development" decided

September 18, 2009

The Ministry of the Environment, in order to keep pace with policy matters regarding biodiversity conservation, restoration and its sustainable use, adopted two themes among those nine applied for by the implementing agency for the area to meet the following requirements, based on the evaluation results of the selection committee of the FY 2009 promotion project for biodiversity related to technology development.

The results of the project
(1) can be directly applicable for measures to conserve biodiversity through the practical application of developed technology;
(2) can be technologically developed in a short period (approximately two to three years) through the application of existing knowledge and technology;
(3) cannot be developed by private industry due to unpromising demand on a commercial basis or a lack of private companies with the developmental capacity;
(4) can make a big contribution to the measures promoted by local governments through the results achieved by this project.

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