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Basic Policy Related to the Estimated Expenses for Environmental Conservation in FY 2010

August 7, 2009

The Ministry of the Environment has designed the "Basic Policy for Adjusting Cost Estimation Policies for FY 2010 Environmental Conservation Expenses," setting matters to be promoted intensively as an environmental conservation policy and has notified relevant government offices and ministries.

Efforts to secure necessary budgeting resources are expected under the basic law in order to carry out efficient and effective deployment of the environmental conservation policy, taking the "Third Basic Environment Plan" (decision by the Cabinet on April 7th, 2006) into account in case of relevant government offices and ministries' budget requests for FY 2010 environmental conservation expenditure.

The Ministry of the Environment is expected to adjust the cost estimation policy for relevant government offices and ministries in the future based on the basic policy, along with requests for consideration on the compiled environmental conservation expenses (budget requests) to the Finance Ministry.

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