The Second Asia 3R Conference (Tokyo, Japan , March 2008)

The Second Asia 3R Conference

The Asia 3R Conference was held in Mita common meeting place in Tokyo on March 18~19, 2008, with the participation of 19 Asian countries, seven international organizations, and some G8 members as observers.

Prior to the G8 Ministerial Meeting in May which was to discuss 3Rs as the main issue, lively discussion took place focusing on promotion of 3R policies, promotion of resource productivity, co-benefits of global warming measures, partnership for capacity-building with diversified actors, and international cooperation for sustainable resource recycling.

In addition, the meeting shared the importance of sound resource recycling and promotion of resource efficiency, capacity building to enable them, sustainable international resource recycling, the political discussion about the collection of data, such as the volume of waste generation and integration of standards for appropriate waste management and recycling in Asia.

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Asia 3R Conference

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