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3R Initiative

Senior Officials Meeting on the 3R Initiative

The Senior Officials Meeting on the 3R Initiative was held in Tokyo, Japan on March 6-8, 2006 hosted by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan. There were 20 participating countries (Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the UK, the USA, and Viet Nam), the European Commission, eight participating international organizations and networks (the League of Arab States, ADB, ESCAP, OECD, the Secretariat of the Basel Convention, UNCRD, UNEP, and APFED).

The results of the Congress can be viewed in the Chair’s Summary.

Chair’s Summary Chair’s Summary [PDF 185KB]


 Plenary Session
Canada [PDF 89KB] China [PDF 430KB] France [PDF 1,261KB]
Germany [PDF 98KB] India [PDF 1,653KB] Indonesia [PDF 184KB]
Italy [PDF 462KB] Japan [PDF 50KB] Malaysia [PDF 437KB]
Mexico [PDF 119KB] Philippines [PDF 1,041KB] Singapore [PDF 219KB]
South Africa [PDF 71KB] Thailand [PDF 1,050KB] USA [PDF 42KB]
Viet Nam [PDF 564KB] EC [PDF 38KB] The League of the Arab States [PDF 93KB]
UNESCAP [PDF 196KB] Secretariat of the Basel Convention [PDF 590KB] UNCRD [PDF 243KB]
 Working Group 1
Brazil Brazil [PDF 552KB]
 Working Group 2
 Prof. Masaru Tanaka (Okayama University): Presentation [PDF 1,616KB]/Outline [PDF 131KB]
Brazil Brazil [PDF 499KB]

 Questionnaire and Showcase

Brazil [PDF 59KB] Canada [PDF 73KB] France [PDF 54KB]
Germany [PDF 41KB] India [PDF 43KB] Japan [PDF 73KB]
Malaysia [PDF 54KB] Mexico [PDF 24KB] Republic of Korea [PDF 95KB]
Singapore [PDF 54KB] South Africa [PDF 32KB] Thailand [PDF 117KB]
UK [PDF 100KB] USA [PDF 198KB] EC [PDF 79KB]
The League of the Arab States [PDF 75KB] ADB [PDF 15KB] UNESCAP [PDF 75KB]

Annoted agenda Annoted agenda [PDF 99KB]

Participants List Participants List [PDF 49KB]

Issues Paper Issues Paper [PDF 314KB]

Photos Photos

 Lunch Seminar

 Implementation of the 3R Initiative in Japan
 Japan Forum for The Promotion of 3R Activities
: Mr.Kato [PDF 979KB]/ Mr.Furuichi [PDF 78KB]
 Measures to address E-waste
Program Program [PDF 28KB]

Press Release


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