Towada-Hachimantai National Park (Hachimantai area)

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Shin-Tamagawa Onsen

Facility landscape

Mountain resort with hot spring surrounded with forest of Akita

The Shin-Tamagawa Onsen is the inn built remote about 2 km from the Tamagawa Onsen. Compared with Tamagawa Onsen, which has medium- and long-term hot spring users, it is the feature to have a lot of users for short- and medium-term for hot springs, leisure and sightseeing.

At the Shin-Tamagawa Onsen, although it takes hot water from the same source as Tamagawa Onsen, it is said to be easy to take it because of mild waters as it is away from the source.

There are no self-catering rooms, because it has only the inn style with meals, however, the guest rooms equipped with necessary things such as electric appliances are comfortable. The hot bath facilities in the building and the outdoor bath are also set up.


One-day bath service Available
Time 8:00 - 17:00
Properties in its waters Strong acidic chloride spring
Supported foreign language
Postal address Shibukurosawa, Tazawako Tamagawa, Senboku City, Akita Prefecture
Tel 0187-58-3100
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The effective hot spring of Tamagawa

You can enjoy full-fledged hot spring cure with full of efficacy, "Healing spa."

Shin-Tamagawa Onsen