Towada-Hachimantai National Park (Hachimantai area)

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To preserve the natural environment

  • Take all of your trash home with you when you leave.
  • Do not pick wild flowers/damage plants.(It may be prohibited under law.)
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • No hunting or fishing. (It may be prohibited under law.)
  • Stay on footpath and wooden walkway.
  • Smokers shall carry portable ashtray and stop throwing away of cigarettes.
  • Climbing mountains and using footpaths with pets are not allowed, as it may trouble other users or cause adverse effects to wild animals and plants (e.g. diseases caused by pets’ dung, etc., and wild animals threatened by pets).
  • Bicycles are prohibited on footpaths and wooden walkways.
  • At parking lots, turning off your car engine is appreciated.
  • Camping/bonfires are permitted in designated areas only.
  • Attach rubber cap to the tip of your climbing stick so that footpaths wouldn’t be damaged.

To enjoy safe hiking

  • Due to reasons such as the opening/abolishing of mountain trails and closing of mountain lodges over the years, or the temporary changes like collapsed mountain trails, washed away bridges, etc.; it may happen that the current state is different from those information seen on this websites.
  • When you’re going to enjoy climbing or hiking, be sure to prepare guidebooks with course details and maps of the latest version in addition to getting local information at the visitor center or others. Collect information on your own before making a reasonable plan based on your physical strength and climbing experience.
  • In a volcanic zone, there are places where toxic gas occurs. Do not enter any place other than designated trails and footpaths.
  • As the mountain weather and temperature change easily, get your warm clothing and rain gear ready properly.
  • To prevent accidents such as getting lost in a mountain, bring a radio and pay attention to weather information and others.
  • If weather gets worse, always try to flee quickly to a safe place.
  • While climbing a mountain, not all mobile phones can be connected. To prepare for the worst, other communication devices such as radio machine also should be prepared.
  • Including shelter huts and watering places, all facilities and equipment have to be used with care.
  • When encountering with wild animals, stay away from them to avoid getting attacked.
  • Mountain-climber registration form is a precious source of information in searching the person just in case an accident occurred. Enter the course name and your schedules accurately before the form is submitted to any specified location.

Other than that, some locations within the park have certain rules stipulated specifically there. With everyone together, let us enjoy using the park comfortably while respecting rules and manners.