Towada-Hachimantai National Park (Hachimantai area)

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Lava Flow Trail Course

Model Course Scenery

Black wild rock field overwhelming visitors

An observation trail to enjoy walking in the midst of the panoramic view of the belt of black andesite flown out of Mt. Iwate’s north-east slope.

Although it has been over 300 years since the eruption in 1700s, almost no trees grow here still today. The aspects of eruption in those days still remain as they were. Mosses including Shiragagoke Mosses and few lichens are found clinging to the lava surface.

As a typical example of lava flow, it is highly valued academically and designated as a special protection area within National Park and a national natural monument.

Lava Flow Trail Course

Course Time

Section Time
Trail entrance → Viewpoint (end point) Approx. 1 km (45 min.)

* The course time and distance are shown just as a guide.


Section Transportation Time
Nishine IC → Iwate Yakehashiri International Exchange Village Private cars Approx. 20 min. (7 km)

* For details, please check with the information counter or website of each transportation facility, or others.

Lava Flow Viewpoint

Lava Flow Viewpoint

Around the end point, there are the observation decks and the monument inscribed with a poem of Kenji MIYAZAWA, and you can enjoy seeing a whole view of Mt. Iwate on a clear day.

Primitive lava flow expanse and Mt. Iwate

Primitive lava flow expanse and Mt. Iwate

The fields of rocks keeping the same deep black color back in the days of eruption leave the viewer with a real sense of awe an overwhelming sense. As you walk on the wide lava while making dry, crisp sounds, you may feel as if you’re straying into a whole different world.