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Press Release

Ehime Eco Town Program Approved

January 20, 2006

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) jointly examined the Ehime Eco Town Program submitted by Ehime Prefectural Government, and approved it on January 20, 2006. The proposed program that aims at establishing an environmentally innovative prefecture is recognized as creative and innovative. The program includes (i) a project that promotes sound reduction, recycling and treatment of wastes and (ii) a project to reduce paper sludge*1 generated from the paper industry, one of the key industries of the prefecture, by producing filling*2 out of paper sludge. The Ehime Eco Town Program is the 26th Eco Town Program that has been approved by the ministries.

*1 Paper residue generated in the paper and pulp manufacturing process.
*2 Material for improving smoothness and whiteness of paper.

<Outline of the Ehime Eco Town Program>

The program aims at creating an environmentally innovative prefecture named "Ehime Eco Land" by waste reduction and effective utilization of resources through vitalizing recycling businesses to achieve zero emission in accordance with local conditions throughout the prefecture.

1.Establish a regional recycling system aiming at zero emission

From the incineration and landfill treatment of paper sludge currently being carried out, change to a system of generation reduction and recycling of incineration ash. Also, develop the most appropriate recycling system in terms of features and volume of wastes generated in the region.

2.Establish a model recycling system utilizing new technologies and systems.

Enable recycling of products and materials that were once considered difficult and promote a model recycling system that utilizes and combines new technologies developed by manufacturers and research institutes in Ehime Prefecture.

3.Develop recycling facilities that contribute to job creation and local revitalization

Create employment by developing recycling facilities that utilize industrial technologies accumulated in the regions of Ehime Prefecture. Contribute to local revitalization by invigorating environmental businesses through introducing preferential purchase of recycled goods (green purchasing).


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